Boscolo Art Program

Roberto Boscolo, in collaboration with the art department of BeAdvisors and Mattia Pozzoni Art Advisory, is proud to present the continuation of the Boscolo Hotels & SPAS Group Art Program. Enjoy an exclusive moment over a complimentary glass of Prosecco, in the company of the “Ncontemporary” Gallery to immerge yourself into the universe of the American artist Gregory Hayes.

About Gregory Hayes

Gregory Hayes is a American, born in 1980 in Buffalo. s known for his methodical and systematic process based on the concept of “brushless” painting. Hayes’ abstract works almost seem digitalized or computerized from a distance due to his meticulous technique and mark making. Exposing the paint’s natural ability to form shapes and patterns on its own on the surface of the canvas, Hayes uses paint to create a multdimensional space and kaleidoscopic like texture that challenges the viewer’s perception.