Boscolo Art Program

Roberto Boscolo in collaboration with BeAdvisors Art Department and Mattia Pozzoni Art Advisory are proud the present the first Boscolo Hotels & SPAS Art Programme located in Nice and Lyon over the season 2022/2023. The aim of the Art Program is at creating a new cultural hub for the two cities and their region by presenting a series of contemporary art exhibitions that will be taking place in the two locations showcasing a very diverse spectrum of interna- tional artists and galleries.

Art Collection – Spring 2022

Boscolo Hotels & SPAS is proud to present Nature and Fiction, an exhibition organized by BeAdvisors and Mattia Pozzoni Art Advisory in collaboration with Piero Atchugarry gallery.

The exhibition focuses on the tension between natural and artificial, interpreted across different mediums by the artists Yuken Teruya, Dagoberto Rodriguez and Túlio Pinto. Nature sets the rules and the landscape in which humans live and interact between themselves and with Nature. The three artists represent the natural world by looking at our social systems like Yuken Teruya, create fictional new realities like Dagoberto Rodriguez or play with the natural laws like Tulio Pinto.

Dagoberto Rodrigues

Combining architecture, design and sculpture, Dagoberto Rodriguez’ work employs humor and irony to comment on core topics in art, politics and society. Watercolor forms a very important part of his creative process, it is a way of collaborating, registering and revising his ideas. Often these reflect a fantasy of a possible conceptual situation.

These wonderful series of works have also been presented into the digital form of NFT, Non-Fungible Tokens, as it’s visible in the screen. NFT represent the latest development in art, bridging the gap between real and digital.

Yuken Teruya

Yuken Teruya is a Japanese born New York based artist who creates poetic artworks leaning onto oriental traditions of the art of paper making, ikebana and origami.

The constellations series was firstly exhibited at the 18th Biennale of Sydney in 2012. Each one of the paper bags contain a cut-out starry night that can be observed from different location in the world, creating small galaxies inside paper bags.

Túlio Pinto

Túlio Pinto is a contemporary Brazilian artist living and working in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Túlio Pinto is formed in Fine Arts focused in sculpture at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2009. Develops his artistic research through the force of opposites, generating tensions that challenge the physical laws as gravity while remaining in perfect balance. Among his main exhibitions we can emphasise Nova Escultura Brasileira at La Caixa Cultura RJ in, Brasil; Ground at Baró gallery, Brasil; The Vancouver Biennale in 2014; Onloaded at Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art, United States, among others.